Thursday, April 10, 2014

Black and White

Taking note from how I've been living lately, and keeping my outfit, simple. 

Being able to skip out in just my new leather jacket, is so liberating, you have no idea. It's been one (very) long Winter in NYC, and without again resorting to becoming a public diarist, life without that natural sunshine and vitamin D has been less than satisfying. Being all bundled up, isn't my chosen style, which is why I think sunny LA became such an instantly nostalgic place for me. I got all, Arundhati Roy, "The God of Small Things", in lala land.

 “She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. She spoke to no one. She spent hours on the riverbank. She smoked cigarettes and had midnight swims…” 

I lived, laughed, but most importantly, was warm and happy. And, alas! I can finally be warm (and happy) in Brooklyn. All in white, and always just in a leather jacket.
Wearing: Express Moto Jacket, French Connection Skirt, Mango Top (try this!).

Monday, April 7, 2014

Express #Back2Business

It's the end of the work day, you're on the go, and don't have much time to stop at home for a quick change before meeting friends for happy hour, what's the easiest solution? Roll up the sleeves of your blazer, throw on some red lipstick, and unbutton that button down! I don't have a traditional 9-5, but I do need to get traditional every now and again with my work attire. To keep things fresh, my 'Working Girl' wardrobe, is usually a mix and match of items that are appropriate for what's universally accepted at the office (I live and die for a good pencil skirt), but can be quickly transformed into something mod enough for happy hour.
Full Skirts have become a fast favorite of mine, not only because they're so reminiscent of Mona Lisa Smile (favorite movie, ever), but because you can dress them up for work by pairing them with sleek bomber jackets and blazers, or ditch that altogether and go for a some crop top, bonded bra action. I love when I feel so ready to jet around the city; uptown meetings, drinks downtown, happy hour with friends, followed by a dinner date with the beaux. Pretty amazing, if you ask me!
Wearing All Express Everything:

Want to chat more about how to make over your work-to-happy-hour look? Join me this Thursday, April 10th, at the EXPRESS in Times Square, as I co-host the #BACK2BUSINESS Happy Hour with GQ and Glamour!

GQ + Glamour + EXPRESS  Happy Hour
1552 Broadway (at 46th Street)
Thursday, April 10th from 6-8pm
Official hashtag: #BACK2BUSINESS

Brought to you thanks to Express

Monday, March 31, 2014

Into the Wild

The last bits of my trip to LA, here are some snaps from my road trip back to lala land from Vegas - which, by the way, was my first Vegas experience, and I'll leave all that to the imagination.

I love maxi skirts, because they feel something like wearing a nighty all day long! And so, when planning to spend hours in a car, this personal take on daytime pajamas, just seemed appropriate. 
'The Cropped Top', is the official comeback kid of the season, but to me, I can't remember when it left my closet.

My long standing relationship with cropped halter tops, goes way back to my childhood and.. my obsession with all things Spice Girls. Pairing them with everything from high-wasited boyfriend jeans, to short-shorts, and maxi skirts, is the jam. 
Wearing: Gentle Fawn Halter Top, Lulus Maxi Skirt, Steve Madden Heels from Lulus, Denim and Supply Flannel (similar here), Topshop Hat.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes and Unedited | B/W Editorial Shoot with Spencer Kohn

We've been working with Spencer Kohn, for years (y-e-a-r-s!). It's not only nice to continually work with someone and grow professionally as a team but to grow up together as friends, and to know you have a solid ally in the industry, speaks volumes.

We're working on a series of editorials, so stay tuned for tons of Behind the Scenes shots on our Instagram! Until then, here are some sneak peeks of our most recent black and white editorial shot in an amazing loft-y Long Island City studio! Everyone on the team, was really feeling the vibe that day, the shoot went seamlessly, and even though we wrapped at 12am, time didn't matter - who thinks of time when you're busy creating?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Knitting Factory

OK, so it's freezing in the city again, and we're back to dressing for survival. Comfy, cozy knits have been my thing for Winter in the city. If I could layer sweaters on top of sweaters, on top of more sweaters, I absolutely would - no apologies for that layering game, it's been one cold winter here in NYC.

Earlier this season, Stacey, and I spent the day in Soho, shopping - more like overspending for no reason - and thinking we were on vacation, because lunch at 3pm, turned into one too many margaritas and an all night happy hour. For days like these, some version of this outfit is a must. 
Wearing: ASOS Sweater and Coat, Pure Addiction Leather Joggers, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel, LuLu*s Scarf, Wanted Booties.

Photos by Stacey Belko.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Blues

An alternate take on my traditional all-black-everything, because sometimes a rainy or snowy city just calls for moody grays and blues. This feels something like the never ending winter, and I've survived soley by wearing my uniform: this hat, cozy sweaters, denim, and booties. Coat wise, I've been varying between furs and oversized wool boyfriend style toppers. 

It's been one hell of a Winter, for more reasons than the weather. I'm definitely under a quarter-life transition and have tons of moving parts in my life. With the turn of the new year and my most recent trip to LA, so much changed for me, personally, work-wise, and well, otherwise. I'm not one to be a public diarist, but I have to say and share how excited I am for this new - unknown- chapter. Most of my friends are equally in transition - moving, breaking up, making up, changing jobs - so it feels better to have some company there. I guess it's the season, the city, or just good ol' fashioned change, but I have to believe that change is a great thing and on my quest to finding my happy place, I'll be traveling, journeying, and sharing it all with you. Until then, keep up with my Instagram!
Wearing: Mango Coat and Sweater, Topshop Hat, Else Denim (Similar Here), Christian Louboutin Booties (Similar Here).

Friday, March 21, 2014

Holy Hollywood

Remember how I told you that my trip to LA for work, unexpectedly made me realize how much I had, but also how much I was missing? You know, not in the materialistic, "I'm missing a pair of new Manolo's" sense - which, by the way, I am! - but in the I need to escape New York City, travel as much as possible, and get inspired again kind of way. I've long been on a journey of self-reflection, which I've touched a bit on here, but which consequently my style has always reflected (Gothica circa 2009, anyone?).

My trip to LA with Laura, coupled with a newness of the New Year, lots of change, and lots of journaling, meditating, yoga-ing, and Deepak Chopra-ing, has brought me to one distinct conclusion: Sometimes (meaning: most of the time), all you need to do, is throw on a pair of floral pants, some big shades, and get to movin'. 

"Become a traveller of this world, a seeker of truth and experience, a sadhu."
Wearing: Pure Addiction Floral Pants, Mango Cropped Top, Steve Madden from Lulus Shoes, ASOS Sunglasses, Dannijo Bracelets.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Plaid Crazy

Whatever would a good winter wardrobe be, without a series of plaids in your closet? I think my plaid obsession has stuck with me, since my catholic school days, when I would try to jazz up my plaid uniform skirt, by adding accessories (which, were absolutely not allowed), and always considering my shoes. Plaid is just one of those feel-good prints that makes you want to wrap yourself all up in it, stay warm and cozy, while sipping on hot toddy's by the fire. And, while we don't have a fireplace in our little Brooklyn abode, you get the picture. 
Usually, I just go for an oversized plaid flannel, denim, and ankle boots. This is actually my uniform, and over the years it's just never failed me. I even wore my flannel out this passed Saturday night (avec leather pants, most naturally), and bounced around the East Village with friends, wearing my very boyish flannel. Point is, you don't need to 'do the most' with your wardrobe, or with your plaids. Pairing plaid prints with textures - leathers, mohairs, and faux's - considering the silhouette of it all - oversized and baggy, boxy or sleek - and piecing it all together with bold accessories - I always go for layered silver or subtle gold rings - is all you need for a casual, more than appropriate for days at the office or a night out with friends, plaid look.
Dave prefers to pair plaids with quilted leather jackets and blazers. A pretty serious layering tactic, this 2-in-1 Twill Blazer with detachable vest from Original Penguin, is an ideal, easy-dressing must-have. 
What We're Wearing:
Erica: Joe Fresh Sweatshirt, District Clothing T-Shirt, Topshop Midi Skirt, ASOS Coat and Sunglasses, Catbird Rings.
Dave: Joes Jeans Flannel, Original Penguin Blazer, Topman Denim, Zara Boots.